is it ever ohkay to break the law

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Is it ever be justifiable to break the law? Basically the question is would you break the law if it was for a good reason. For that I would say yes. Even though, laws are meant to maintain order in a citsatie. There’s certain sichwashions were it would be best for what is happing. For example if I person was hurt with as life threating wound, the driver might need to go faster than the speed limit to save the person’s life. Every mint could count for that person. Along with that they could run a red light. Consonances a side, it was to save a life. That just the way people react when facing a cishawashion like that. Another example, id if you were homless and had no way to get food and you were sarving . you would be faced with a solation stealing or starving. Most people in that potion would go with stealing out of desperation for their life. People are usally willing to break the law for a family or close friend in need. In a despritatt situation it is fine as long as you are willing to pay the price and most people that break the law for a desrat moment are. That’s why it is justifiable to break the law.

Would you ever let complete strangers live in your house? That thought could be shivering for some. The thought that the person could be carrying a gun or if there purposing a new idea to you could be nerve racking. Letting a immigrant into our country is just like letting a stranger into our home because, are country is our home. That’s why I believe that immigrants should have to meet specifying requirements before getting a visa to enter the United States.

One of the requirements’ that I think should be mandatory for immigrants is that they should meet character quality. A good way to check for this requirement is a back ground checks. Back ground checks is a good way to look at the previous criminal files they might have. By doing criminal file back ground check it could prevent a shooting, a killing even a tourism attack! Just think...
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