Is Ireland a racist country

Topics: Racism, White people, Race / Pages: 5 (1008 words) / Published: Oct 31st, 2013
This essay will define the term racism and racist. It will describe how the idea of ‘race’ developed in the 1800’s and give a brief history of racism in Ireland during this period. It will then outline how during the 1990’s, Irelands booming economy attracted immigrants and asylum seekers, however government policies set to distant these people from society in turn sowing the seed for racism in Ireland. This essay will then explain the negative media influence on racism and give statistics and findings on surveys carried out on racism in Ireland.
Share and Lawlor (2009), define racism as a term used by sociologists to denote a belief that one racial category is superior or inferior to another racial category. A racist according to Giddens (2009) is someone who believes that some individuals are superior or inferior to others on the basis of radicalized differences.
By mid 1800’s ‘race’ as an idea had achieved broad popularity among scientists, and the general public in the western world accepted the premise too, and acted as it were so, it became common to speak of the English race, the French race etc. A strong connection developed between the developing ideas of ‘nation’ and race. Joseph Arthur de Gobineau (1816-1882), sometimes called the father of modern racism, proposed the existence of just three races white, black and yellow. According to Gobineau, the white race possesses superior intelligence, morality and will-power.
Fredrick Douglass was an American ex-slave lecturer on anti-slavery and racism who came to Ireland in 1845. He stated that he found ‘fair play’ in Ireland under the crown, something he hadn’t got in the land of the free. However, he was appalled by the depiction of the half ape/half Negro creature portrayed in Punch magazine where the Anglo-Saxons were boasting their superiority over Negros and Irish men. This was an interesting perspective on racism in Ireland during the 1800’s when Irish citizens experienced racism at the hands of the

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