Is innovation important in organizational sustainability

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Innovation: The Key to Achieve Organizational Sustainability
Currently, the theory of sustainability has gained an international popularity not only in the more macro social and ecological level, but also in the relatively micro organizational level. To be more specific, now it has become the primary goal of an organization to sustain a healthy and long-term development, or sustainable development. The role of innovation in the organizational sustainability, however, is not yet decided partly because that the notion of innovation is so elusive (Elke & Bos-Brouwers 2010). After a wide literature survey, in this essay it attempts to put forth and prove the hypothesis that innovation is the key to realize organization sustainability.

Organizational Sustainability and Innovation?
As pointed out in the research book by Dunphy, Griffiths and Benn (2006), corporation has been the fundamental cell of modern economic life as it brings people such a huge physical wealth that is unthinkable for the generations before. The importance of corporation, however, leads to the question of how to maintain a sustainable development of corporation in order to achieve the sustainability of human society and the plant. This is called corporation sustainability or organizational sustainability. Accordingly, one can see that in the literary sense, organizational sustainability is a sustainable and healthy development and maintenance of the organization to fulfill its goal to provide its members the financial returns and other kinds of outcomes in the long run. However, it is just one part of organizational sustainability. From a more profound perspective, it has the sustainability of human society and the plant as its ultimate goal. Human beings are living in this earth for quite a long time and will continue to live in this plant; therefore, it is important to study the approaches to a sustainable development. Someone also link the organizational sustainability with

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