Is Immigration a Boon or Curse for Uk

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NAME: Navneet Kaur Dhatt

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LECTURER: Jaishree Chaturvedi

SUBMITTED ON: 22/08/2010

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1. Research title: Is Immigration a boon or curse for U.K.?

2. Research Background:

Humans immigrate to one country from another country because of a number of reasons. Sometimes they are forced to immigrate due to conflict or to avoid persecution, while sometimes they simply move for better prospects. Such movement of people in large numbers causes many problems.

Immigration to the UK since 1922 has been mainly from former colonies of the British Empire like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya, Honk Kong. People from these countries immigrated to UK under the British Nationality Law. Many other people immigrated to UK as asylum seekers under the United Nations 1951 Refugee convention. Still some emigrated from the European Union (EU) member countries through one of the EU’s Four Freedoms.

Foreign immigrants arrive at the rate of half a million per year or in other words nearly one immigrant per minute. The net immigration in UK during the year 2008 was 163000. About half the population increase in UK between 1991-2001 census was due to foreign immigration.

The main focus in this proposal will be to consider the economic and social impact of immigration to UK. The various economic benefits to UK will be studied and the social impact on UK’s society will also be analyzed.

The main objective of this proposal is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of immigration to UK and then conclude whether immigration is a boon or curse for UK. I would like to carry out STEP analysis and try to focus on impact of economical and social factors on immigration in UK.

Having seen the huge number of immigrants every year to UK from all over the world and seeing the various problems faced by the local people in UK, it was a known fact that the Blair Government was going to be in trouble. This proposal will provide some recommendations for controlling immigration in UK. This proposal...

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