Is Illegal Immigration Harmful to the United States?

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Illegal immigration Pages: 8 (3268 words) Published: June 20, 2013
“The mighty tides of immigration… bring to us different languages, opinions, customs, and principles…” (Immigration opposing views 26). Immigrants from all over the world contribute to the United States by revitalizing cities, building the economy, and bringing their energizing culture to the bland society of America. About 12 million people in the United States are living illegally (scholastic, New York Times Subtitle) only because of the U.S code title 8 1325, which states that you have committed a federal crime if an improper entry has been attempted by an alien (legal information institute par.1). Illegal immigration should not be considered harmful to the United Sates; hence, it molds society into a multi cultural and prosperous country. The current immigration policy brings tension to family ties and tears them apart. About one million spouses and children wait daily for visas in hopes of reuniting with their families (immigration opposing views 138-139). In some cases children are left behind in the care of their grandparents or uncles, while their parents go in search of a better job and a new life in order to support their family, or go back to their home country to resume their lives while their children get a better education, which causes many children separation anxiety. A reporter interviewed a 23 year old who now is in the process of becoming legal because of the Dream act. From now on she will be known as subject A. She first came here from Nicaragua legally with her mother on the year of 2001 to spend Christmas with her family. She has an older sister (Subject B) who was already here when subject A arrived. Subject B came to the United States from Nicaragua legally in the year of 1998, as her 15th birthday present, as she was visiting a category 5 Hurricane, known as hurricane Mitch struck all of Central America and the Yucatan peninsula but Honduras and Nicaragua were especially hit hard, on October 22 of 1998 (history par.2 & 3), which did not allow her to go back to Nicaragua. As a result of all the damage done by the deadly storm the United States lend a helping hand to those countries in need by granting TPS (temporary protected status) to migrants of those countries. Subject B was eligible to receive TPS on January fifth 1999; she was given an employment authorization document (EAD) and was granted travel authorization if it was needed, as well as the reassurance that she could not be removed from the United States. Subject B was not able to fly out, so she had to stay with her mother’s sister also subjects B aunt (subject D). Subject D was very close with subject A and B; they even sometimes saw them as their second parents. Subject A and C had to fly back home, as Subject A had to return to her regular life, as Subject A approached the age of 13 she was told she had a colon disease which could not be treated in Nicaragua because of the lack of technology advancement. She quickly returned to the United States with her mother. As she stayed for about 3 months, her medical conditions worsened, Subject A’s family came to a mutual decision that she should stay in the care of her aunt (subject D) her uncle and her older sister (subject B). Soon after her mother flew back, and subject A was getting accustomed to the fast pace American life. The validity of her visa card came to an end, and she was now an illegal immigrant. She felt comfortable for only about two to three months, little by little she started to shut down and talked less and started to have pessimistic thoughts about life. Growing up as an illegal immigrant Subject A did not fell indifferent, only because she did not now situation she was in. Everything changed once she entered high school; she did not have the ‘normal teenage’ experience. But as she got older she grew to understand and started to have hatred feeling towards her mother for what she called ‘abandoning’ her and her sister. She grew jealous of certain family members...
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