Is Government Responsible for the Disadvantaged?

Topics: Poverty, Sovereign state, Federal government of the United States / Pages: 3 (512 words) / Published: Mar 29th, 2013
Is Government Responsible For The Disadvantaged? “Don’t Talk To The People Until You’ve Listened To The People” -Ann Klein.
Those Who Are Elected By Their People, Community, Nation, And/Or Country For Leadership Should Do Just That; Lead. They Should Lead Their People Into Prosperity Not Poverty. When Their People Are In A Pit They Should Be Doing All They Can To Pull Them Out. Those In “Power” Need To Remember Those Who Helped Them Gain There Position. Actions Speak Louder Than Words! Therefore In My Opinion The Government IS Responsible For The Disadvantaged. The Government Should Be Held Responsible For The Poverty Level In This Country Because They Are The One’s Allowing It To Be At The Level That It’s At Right Now. If They Truly Were Concerned About The American People They Would Do More About It. Yes We Have Medicare To “Guarantee” That The Elderly Who Can Not Get Affordable Insurance, Since They Are The Sickest Group, Have Access To Basic Medical Care. We Also Have Medicaid To Cover The Medical Cost Of Those Too Poor To Buy Insurance Or Pay For Needed Care. Aka A Government- Controlled- General Health- Insurance Scheme. Although We Have These Programs Available For Some If The Government Wasn’t So Greedy And Selfish The Programs Would Be Available For All In Need Not Just Those The Government Sees Fit. Instead Of Helping Foreign Countries By Supplying Them With Food, Water, And Shelter, The American Government Should Start At Home Here In America! There Are So Many Families, Men, Woman, And Children Who Go Hungry In This Country Every Day. Some Don’t Have Shelter During The Best And The Worst Of The Four Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, And Fall. Others Don’t Have Running Water To Bath In Let Alone Drink. The Help Needs To Start At Home Before Extending A “Helping Hand” To Other Countries. The Government Is Allowing The Poor To Be Poorer And The Rich To Get Richer. They Are The Ones Who Should Be Responsible To Fix The Problem Of This Countries

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