Is Google Making Us Stupid: Summary and Response

Topics: Thought, Critical thinking, Mind, History of the Internet, Human / Pages: 5 (1143 words) / Published: Feb 17th, 2013
Garrett Mastin
English 1010
Instructor Renaud
6 February, 2013
Is Google making us Stupid: An article by Nicholas Carr Over history technology has changed mankind’s overall culture. From clocks to computers the use of electronics and tools is occurring every day in almost all situations. In Carr’s article “Is Google Making us Stupid?” he introduces the idea how the internet is changing our lives by making us mentally process information differently from the past, based off previous changes in history. Carr explains how we think less deeply and rely on quick facts, versus using critical thinking and research. Also he explains how our brain is malleable, and may be changed by the internet’s impression. Lastly Carr talks about what the internet may become in the future, and how it could make us more like computers. I believe Carr’s ideas on the way the internet is shaping lives are valid because the proof is all around us. (Carr) Carr believes the internet makes us less deep thinkers due to its easiness. He elaborates on how we only have to ask a question and there isn’t any lengthy research, becoming like a pancake. Since on the internet we gain a lot of spread out information, but not in depth knowledge on the specific topic, becoming spread out and thin intellectually, like a pancake. Carr says, we no longer have to analyze information and understand it ourselves, but instead rely on simple answers. The simplicity and easiness of finding an answer is changing deep thought, to shallow thinking. (Carr) I agree with Carr that we are becoming shallow thinking people because the internet makes research quick and simple. I relate this to the phrase “Just Google it”, this is commonly used when we don’t want to research or think in depth about a topic and we rely on the internet and other people’s experiences to educate ourselves. What this ultimately does is change us from critical thinkers into lazy-like typing zombies that believe almost anything online since

Cited: Carr, Nicholas. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The Atlantic. Atlantic Magazine, August 2008. Web. 29 January 2013.

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