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Is Google all public need?
The advance technology of Google (Google Glass, Google Earth) has applied into many different fields, people seems to be live in a Google world. This paper explores both the positive aspects and negative features of these advance technologies, and demonstrates that Google is all public need.

Keywords: Google, Google Glass, Google Earth, technology
In this information era, hundreds of millions users all around the world are available to access the Internet by Google. As one of the largest and most powerful technology company, Google now is more than just a search engine, for instance, Google glass, Google TV and Google map; those sub-brands are being widely used. Therefore, it seems that people live in a Google world. The aim of this essay is going to discuss that Google is irreplaceable and perfect enough for users from the technological perspective. First, it shows the advanced technology used in specific products, such as Google Earth and Google glass, followed by how much beneficial and drawbacks can public get from those technologies. Thereafter, a conclusion will draw by analyzing and evaluating both advantages and disadvantages of Google’s technology.

In the past decades, the uses and applications of technology are broad and span to considerable fields, for instance, education, entertainment and transportation. According to Segall (2011), users are able to input any postcode or point all around the world into the Google Earth; as a result, details would be present by photographic images of that specific location. Prasad and Traynor (2014) also claim that the GPS technology of...

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