Is God Black?

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, Mary Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: February 25, 2007
Do We Know?

Everyone in this world has their own opinion and I have mine. Do we really know if God is white, black, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim, female, or male? In entertainment industry movie producers are playing games and changing things from the traditional God being white to God being black. In Bruce Almighty God is black. In previous years in movies God was always a white male. Through time it seems that people open up their minds to new ideas. I don't believe that God is black or a woman. I have grown up believing that God is a white male. I was born into a Catholic family. Although I was born in a Catholic family I always question what we believe. Just like everyone else that questions religion why would God put us through some of the things we have to go through. Wouldn't he want everyone to love every moment of their life or do we have to go through pain such as the pain Jesus dealt with. I question if we are wasting out time going to church every Sunday morning because we don't now if these amazing stories we hear of God really happened. They are stories that have been told for the longest period of time that could have changed from time to time just how rumors happen in our day and time now. What if god was a woman? The image everyone has of God is a long haired male. What if somebody messed up thousands of years ago and God was a woman with shoulder length hair? No one will ever know the truth we will only know what we want to know and what we have been told. No one will actually know what happened when God was alive. If God is really a black woman and we have been praying to a God that is a white male is this war we are in revenge? Maybe God couldn't take us praying to a white God all these years and finally everything built up inside her and this is how she is repaying the world. This is her way of showing she cared for everybody for a while but not she is upset. God will love us for ever whether she is male, female,...
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