Is Globalization Good?

Topics: Globalization, Capitalism, Country classifications Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Is Globalization good?
Is globalization good or bad? To answer this question I should explain or define the term globalization first. There exist so many different definitions of the world and everybody defines globalization in another way. For me globalization means the worldwide distribution of products and services and the fusion and partnership of international companies. Due to globalization people around the world are more connected to each other. Goods and services that are produced in one part of the world are nearly available in all parts of the world. Moreover international travelling is more common and easier than years before. Without globalization all these things would not exist. We do not know how the world would be today without globalization. Definitely the rich countries would not be that wealthy nowadays and also the poor countries really benefit from globalization. In my opinion the world how it is today would not exist without globalization. Nowadays globalization is much disputed and there exist an anti-globalization movement in the world. Needless to say, globalization also has dangers and an ugly side, but it brings tremendous opportunities and benefits.

However you have to take a closer look to globalization to see the impact of globalization and the consequences of ignoring the free market economy. For instance Taiwan was a really poor country 50 years before, but today it is as rich as Spain. The only reason for the increasing wealth of Taiwan is that the country introduced a market economy and integrated into global trade. The government gives the land to the population to build up small and middle sized companies. In Taiwan they have less restriction and so the people are able to start their own businesses and improve their living standard. Due to the better wealth, the education level is also higher. On the other hand if you close the doors to globalization as Kenya does, the country cannot get out of the poverty and even get...
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