Is Getting a Tattoo Therapeutic?

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People of all ages and backgrounds are getting tattooed these days and they are getting tattoos for various reasons. Some view getting tattoos as collecting art on their body instead of collecting art for their wall. Tattoos can also mark a memory with friends or to memorialize someone or thing. Tattoos are a great form of self-expression and can be therapeutic as well.

People can get tattoos at spur of the moment using the flash on the wall; others will do more in depth research on the internet and find ideas or go through books. Most people have thought long and hard about what kind of tattoo they want and where it will be placed. If they are going with a theme the person would most likely have they whole scheme planned out down to colors, lettering and size. Tattoo artists are very creative people if you give them some sort of idea of what you would like done; they will work with you and give you something that you would be proud to have permanently on your body.

Most tattoos have meaning behind them, memorializing an event, person or time in their lives. Some are art lovers and would like to wear their art on their sleeves. Then some people get a tattoo as a rite of passage. Tattoos that memorialize a person or a pet that has passed on are great tattoos. Theses tattoos help keep your memories alive. I have two memorial tattoos one for my mom who passed away in 2005 and one for my husband who passed away last year. Both of these tattoos have great meaning behind them, my mom’s tattoo is a big red rose, those were her favorite flowers. My husband’s tattoo is the Metallica ninja star, Metallica was his favorite band. When I look at these tattoos great memories flood my mind. Getting these tattoos was very therapeutic for me as well, this way they will both be with me forever.

Art lovers are covering parts of their bodies with classic art, vintage illustrations, and comic-book art. A tattoo artist from Philadelphia Rebecca Fiduccia said...
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