Is Gaming Harmful for Teenagers?

Topics: Adolescence, Game, Young adult Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: October 1, 2010
Is Gaming Harmful for Teenagers?

Adults, think that children, who are in teenage period, should focus on their studies rather than gaming on computers or electronic devices.

However, they still favor their kids to enjoy such healthy leisure-time activities like playing football, tennis, badminton, etc. There are different kinds of activities for young people, and video games seem to be one of the most favorite ones of almost teenagers. Playing video games can be good and can be bad to a certain extent. Playing video games should never get in the way of important activities, such as school or work.

Video games can be bad. It turns to bad if teenagers abuse it. Many teens are stays up for hours, even for days in front of the computer or TV screens to play games. Soon they become addicted to video games and cannot stop playing it. Now, video games are harmful to them at both studies and health. Distracting their studies, consequently, they get a bad grade in class. As to their health, sitting all day long to play games causes them to feel tired, even exhausted and weakens their eyes, not to mention the big waste of money and time on it. Badly, teenagers are affected by lots of violent scenes in the games and they grow aggressive with others that force them to hit or even kill someone they don’t like by things they have learned from those games. E.g. GTA, Counter-Strike. Also, several teens are obsessed by the games and they have a great depression that leads them to suicide or kill themselves without reasons. In addition, a few are dead because they don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t sleep, don’t rest but playing for such a long time and their health turns to worse and worse until they are exhausted to death.

Playing video games can be a very fun, socially engaging, entertainment activity, and is a good way for teens to past the time. The key for teenagers is a making sure that all of their free time is not spent playing games, and that they balance playtime...
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