Is Everyone a Victim in I'm Not Scared?

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Italian masculine given names Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: May 26, 2014
“I’m Not Scared”, written by Niccolo Ammaniti, is a tale about Michele, a nine year old boy who lives in the small Italian town of Acqua Traverse where he stumbles upon a hole which has a shocking discovery in it. This unknowingly throws Michele into a world of danger. How great is this danger? It’s dangerous enough that everyone becomes a victim of one type or another. Filippo, the kidnapped boy, is a victim of kidnap. Michele, the protagonist, is a victim of bribery and violence. Papa, Michele’s father, is a victim of poverty. These are just a few examples of people that are victims. Everyone in the novel is a victim though. Filippo is a kind, loving boy, who is thrust into a world of danger and betrayal. He did not ask for this to happen but it happened anyway. He is kidnapped by the adults of Acqua Traverse, who have kidnapped him for a ransom. They never intended to kill Filippo, until things get out of hand and they eventually decide to kill him. This clearly shows that Filippo is a victim of kidnap. Filippo is brutally abused and treated like an animal. This is despicable and should not be done. Unfortunately, because of the situation the whole town is in, they become desperate and this is why they kidnap him. This clearly shows that Filippo is a victim. Michele is also a victim in the novel “I’m Not Scared”. He is not a victim like Filippo, a victim of kidnap and violence, but rather a victim of bribery and betrayal. Often, attempted bribery takes place but Michele usually sees through this. When Michele receives the red bike from Pino, his father, he is forced to pretend that he likes it. But really, he can see through the web of lies that are presented in these types of forms. Although there was one type of gift that was presented like this which he didn’t see the lies behind. At the beginning of the novel, when Pino returns home for the first time in a while, he brings home a model of a gondola. This is very early on in the book, at a point where...
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