Is Dressing Up Well Important

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If I were Education Minister
Ans : Among all the area that are lagging behind, education is the foremost. Its always been my dream to be the Education Minister of India. In my capacity, I would try to reform the education system, because I firmly believe that the future of the country rests on the shoulders of the students. My first step could be to make primary education compulsory for one and all in rural areas. I would motivate families to send their children to school by giving them incentives. I would bring out schemes wherein the poorest of the people will be able to study. If a student is unable to pay for his fees, I would get corporates to sponsor their education. I would make it compulsory for every Minister of the Union or State to sponsor at least one underprivileged child's education. Secondly, I would change the manner of education. I would make education more updated and in sync with the times. I would make it more practical rather than it being theoretical. A student would be given the choice of studying a subject that he likes rather than imposing anything on him. I would make social activities and sports a part of the curriculum and ensure that no child is deprived of these subjects. Finally, I would ask all schools to assess a student on the basic of an overall yearly performance rather than one isolated examination.

Que : Better to wear out that to rust out [ Mar - 98 ] Ans : Proverbs are great teachers. When a hundred words fail, a few words in the form of a proverb make miracles. They pack a wealth of wisdom in a few welt chosen words like. An idle mind is a devil's workshop. The language of proverbs is generally simple. The above given proverb means that it is better to work hard and become tired than not to do any work and rust out. It is an undoubted fact that hard work is the key to success. We cannot achieve anything without hard work. Right through the ages we find that great men and women the world over worked hard to achieve success. Edison worked twenty hours a day; and invested the electric bulb. The word 'rest' did not exist in Mahatma Gandhi's dictionary. Indira Gandhi worked tirelessly for our nation. Even popular film stars and sportsmen, have had to work their way up. A person is idle his mind would be like a iron which is rusted. Now that piece of iron is of no use but if that iron piece was used and wears out, then to it would be of use. A lily of a day which withers away in the evening is respected but not an oak tree which stands for hundreds of years. This means that those who are idle are not wafted by the society. No one finds them useful. If you want to fulfill your ambitions, work hard and wear out and do not frightened of failure. We must make full use of the talents and remember that success can only be achieved by hard work.

Write a letter to your friend stating what changed your attitude towards mathematics. Ans : N Street Opp. Y Lane OPQ Dear Shyam, It has been long since I have heard from you. Did you forget me? I wanted to share an enlightening experience with you. Do you remember the way I treated mathematics? As if it were my step-sister. But the encouraging story of the great mathematician, Ramanujan, had a deep impact on me and I started liking mathematics. In spite of being an Indian, he was honoured with top awards in England. Poverty never became a hindrance for his passion. He had to undergo many hardships to research on mathematics and even in trying conditions, he continued his study. All these have pumped in new energy in me. I say to myself that if he could shine in such conditions, then even I could top the class which all the facilities I have at my disposal. Do share such experiences of you with me. Yours faithfully Suman

Que : Work is Worship [ Mar - 99 ]
Ans : Work is the best kind of worship. According to...
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