Is Dance A Sport

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Dance: The Art Inside A Sport
For many years there has been the great debate of dancing and whether or not it is a sport. Most athletes look at dance and say “That’s not a sport. Anyone can dance.”(Is Dance A Sport? para 1). Dance to the majority of the population is considered to be an art and no more. I’ve heard countless times where people would say “Dancers aren’t athletes” and this paper is dedicated to proving those people wrong. Although dance is a performing art, there are other attributes that tie into the activity that make it a sport.
The definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others”(Garecht. para.1). Dance, like other sports, uses physical...

There are people who would say that dancers don’t do half as much as a football or basketball player does so dance can’t be a sport. That’s incorrect. Dancers put in as much time and effort as other athletes. You can’t compare a dancer to a football player just like you can’t compare a basketball player to a cheerleader, or a tennis player to a golf player. They are all different sports that consist of different criteria, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a sport. Another issue is people who claim that anyone is able to dance. That is an invalid argument as well. That’s the same as saying anyone can also throw a football or dribble a basketball. Not everyone can dance and even if they could, would they be able to win in a competition or get points for their team? The same with other sports. I can throw a football, but can I play in an actual game and throw down the field to score a winning touchdown? Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you’re fully capable of using that skill and competing with it in a serious...

They may perform differently from other sports, but all sports are different. Even when competing in the same area, each sport is still different. For example, baseball and softball are closely related to one another. You work to hit the ball and get to the next base in hopes of getting a home run. Although the idea is the same, the fundamentals are different. Girls use a different ball and a different method to throw in softball than boys on a baseball team. That doesn’t make one any less of a sport than the other. Dancers don’t chase balls, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a sport. Dancing isn’t the only team that doesn't use a ball (10 Sports That Don’t Use A Ball? para 1). Hockey uses sticks to slide a puck into a goal on the ice. Swimming uses the body to get to one side of a pool and back. Skiing and snowboarding use snow and boards to get down a slope. Skating uses a board with wheels and a ramp to perform tricks to score points. Ice skating uses blades on the bottoms of skates and glides across the ice for points from a judge. Nascar uses a track and cars to compete. There is also cycling, track, cheer, and many other sports that don’t use a ball in their sport but they are still considered sports. None of these sports are questioned and compared to one another to tell whether it is a sport or not so why is dance. Cup stacking is even a sport and it’s not questioned at...
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