Is coursework an effective means of assessment?

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Is coursework an effective means of assessment?
No matter what types of assessment are required for students to complete, students are expected to reach an “acceptable” level. Although coursework is used as a major part of assessing the academic standards of students, it has sparked many debates on whether coursework is a suitable way to assess students’ abilities. It is high time for us to discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of coursework.

To commence with, students can gain in-depth knowledge from doing coursework. As found by a QCA research, students benefited from gaining experience and working independently. They were given a choice of topics to do research on out of a selection given by their teachers. This resulted in students being able to learn outside the contents of the textbook, for plenty of time is given to finish the assignment. Therefore, students can make use of the information provided by the internet; they are no longer just receiving message by teachers in class but finding extra materials on their own. Meanwhile, teachers can also evaluate students’ self-learning abilities.

Another advantage is that students can work in less stressful environments. Teachers reported that students produce better work if they are not under pressure. Additionally, the QCA found that coursework is more favorable for students as it allows them to spread their workload over a period of time. Meaning that they have sufficient time to plan and re-organize their work

Despite the fact that coursework gives us much flexibility and freedom in expressing ideas, there are also many shortcomings that we must take into account. One such issue is the rise in opportunities for students to plagiarize. Students are prone to copy information directly onto their coursework due to its wide availability on the internet, thus creating higher chances for malpractice. Moreover, students copy and paste other people’s assignment from the web without any understanding. In...

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Qualifications and Curriculum Authority(QCA)
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