Is Competition Good?

Topics: Human, Competition, Success Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: September 4, 2010
Competition is known as the act of competing. It is now a common issue that has been evolving in our society in the 21st century. Competition happens everywhere at anytime. It will arise whenever two or more parties fight to strive for a goal that cannot be shared between one another. This particular goal includes basically everything on earth, for instance, money, land, power, and the list goes on. In my opinion, competition is certainly beneficial for everyone as it builds up our self-esteem and confidence, allows us to achieve the goals set in life as well as helping us to learn how to deal with successes and failures.

First of, it is believed that human beings gain confidence and build up their self-esteem through competing with one another. Everyone has to go through a stage in life where some competition is essential for the development of self-esteem (Competition: Good or Bad?). With competition, everyone will try to do their best to not be wiped out by the rest. Therefore, if there is no competition, how can we actually improve? We may not know where we stand if we do not have competitors. Moreover, people build up their self-esteem and become more confident whenever they achieve success, especially through competition. This is due to the fact that they are able to prove to the others that they are capable of achieving something. Thus, success will never come to us if we do not put in efforts to improve ourselves, which means by comparing ourselves in relation to the others.

Apart from that, competition makes it easier for us to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves in life. Everyone has their respective dreams and goals to be achieved in life. To realize all these, competition plays an extremely huge role. Competition encourages us to work harder towards what we aim to achieve. When we have competitors around us, we will always make sure that we are not left behind or defeated by them. For example, in the corporate world, competition arises...
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