Is Communication Competency a Skill or an Art

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Leadership Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Is Communication competency a skill or an art?

Communication competency is a skill that relies on a combination of behavior and knowledge. To communicate effectively, you will need to understand cultural diversity, have good language skills, listening and interpersonal skills. According to David Morley’s essay, “Communication”, states that all communication refers to the activity of imparting, or transmitting messages containing, information, ideas, or knowledge. With communication you can earn the respect from thousands of people all due to the way you bring your message across. People with a clear vision and the skills to communicate that vision with the passion that makes them contagious become leaders. Leaders such as Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and Adolf Hitler radiate true inspiration and charisma. These great leaders were groomed from a very young age.

Napoleon the first learned quickly the influence of the media and in 1793 published a prorepublican pamphlet, “ Le Souper de Beaucaire “. He also founded two newspapers both for the troops in his army and also for circulation in France. His strict censorship and control from every aspect of the press, allowing the public to see what he wanted them to see. Alan Forrest in the, “Propaganda and the Legitimation of Power in Napoleonic France” explains how Napoleon fostered an important relationship with the art community. In doing this he forms an active role in controlling all forms of art production to suit his propaganda goals. Propaganda is an assertion of enthusiastic or energetic statement presented as a fact. Propaganda is a skilled form of communication that has been repeatedly used throughout history.

Body language is non-verbal communication such as body posture, gestures, facial expressions and eye movements. The gestures or movements in which a person conscious or unconscious communicates their thoughts or feelings. Albert Mehrabian’s studies came to two basic conclusions. The first is...
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