Is Commercialism Spoiling Christmas

Topics: Christmas, Christ, Jesus Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Is Commercialism Spoiling Christmas? By Jasmin Berry

Many people complain the holidays as being at best, too commercial, or at worst a plot by businesses to take something personal, strip it down and sell their parts back to us for their own profit, making us believe that we need these parts to function properly during the holidays. Whereas other believe it is not commercialized as Christmas is about spending time with family and being grateful for what you have, and what Jesus died for. I am going to discuss both these points in this essay.

I am going to discuss the ‘not it’s commercialized’ side of this. Some people think it’s not too commercialized as it is about gift giving and spending time with your loved ones. Also all the family will be round having Christmas dinner, having fun and spending time with one another. Also giving gifts to family, special/personal gifts that they will be grateful for not expensive things.

Another reason it’s not spoiling Christmas is that shops have to have sales/discounts anyway so everything will be discounted and people will be able to afford them, as they will not need to pay the full price. Many people don’t have the money with the recession, that’s why stores are forced to have sales to gain money. Some shops have sales all the time because they just aren’t getting enough sales.

On the other hand, Christmas can be too commercialized as they advertise too early. Some stores advertise in September, which is far too early. It is also reminding people they will need a lot of money because of all the expensive things on the market such as iphones and laptops. Many or most parents feel pressured into buying expensive gifts too make their children happy. Most children know-a-days just expect everything they ask for. Such as when your little and see something that look amazing on TV like a toy, their just like ‘I want that’ then parents feel they have to get it for them to let their children enjoy Christmas and...
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