Is college worth the cost?

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Is College Worth the Cost? 
          Preparing for college after graduating from high school is something of great concern to most students. Even so, most students nowadays are uncertain whether attending college will be an advantage for them. Some believe that it is a waste of time and money, but most people consider it as a means to thrive in life. Unlike high school, college is certainly different because it determines our future and should be taken more earnestly by the students. College education is worth the cost  because it basically provides students with great benefits, which can be a good help in shaping their future goals.            First, college degree graduates have better opportunities in finding a high wage job. According to Smith, "Graduates enjoy increased opportunities for employment at higher rates of pay, providing them with the wherewithal to pay off debt, if they are wise stewards of that debt" (Smith, 30). People with college degrees have higher chances of being successful in the future because employers would rather employ those who holds a college degree. However, although there are some people who did not attend college find jobs that can help satisfy and support their lives, they cannot compare the earnings of college degree holders. My cousin, holding a Bachelor's degree of Business Management, graduated 5 years ago from college. At first, she was uncertain if a college education could guarantee the success of her goals, but because of her persistence, she is now a successful businesswoman. She has now a full-time job that can support her family and has already built her own home. With this means, having a college degree helps a person not only achieve their goals but also helps them in being independent. As stated by Le, "Realistically, having a college degree will likely mean a comfortable living and the opportunity to move up at work and in life" (Le, 36).            Another advantage of going to college is that education...

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