Is College Worth The $$$

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Is College Really Worth the Money?
“You want to waste a million dollars? Go to college.” Said by Stacy May, college student attending East Carolina University. This now raises the question: Is College worth the money? Over time, as college prices rise, families struggle more and more with the prices. It could cause one to go straight into the work force, but college graduates make more, but end up owing more. It seems like an unavoidable conundrum. This is not a local level argument. Even the President has said in some of his platforms that one of his goals is to significantly lower the prices of tuition for college students. He also planned on working on a tax credit in the tuition of college students. (Murray 95) This shows that we have some flaws in our post-secondary education system that desperately needs improvement. After reading “Should the Obama Generation Drop Out,” by Charles Murray and Daniel S. Cheever’s “Is College Worth the Money?” as well as researching costs and effects on the emotions of college students, college is not worth all that we have to pay. Between exceeding costs of tuition, room and board, housing, and fees, the opportunities through the university, which leave much to be desired, and parent and student anxiety experienced during and after college years and graduation, college is not worth the amount of money we have to invest. People don’t think of all the extra fees for which colleges may charge them. Some expenses one may see on their statements and receipts that they may not think about are housing, fees, insurance, technology fees, books, and other things that may be listed as “miscellaneous” (College Data). Every semester takes out of pocket and digs a little deeper with all of these extra costs. College Board estimates costs of tuition for the 2013-2014 school year is $8,893 for in state students at public universities. Out of state is even more outrageous with the average as $22,203 for out of state attending public...

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