Is College Worth It?

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Statistics Say Yes To College
If you walked across the stage at your high school graduation ceremony you probably were confronted by the options of college, military service, work force, etc. If you decide college is the place to go, then questions start to arise, how am I going to pay for college, where should I go, what do I want to study. Is college is a voluntary place to further your education or is it mandatory to achieve a decent paying job? College has now become something that everyone is choosing because no one wants to be paid minimum wages their whole life. A problem for college graduates today is the debt load that they come out of college with. This debt makes life for these recent college graduates a struggle of making money to pay back their student loans and other fees that they might own the college. Is college worth it? College is worth the money you pay. According to Adam student with a 4year degree will earn $20,000 dollars more a year and over $1 million more in their lifetime. College education is shown that its not only worth it but that if you have an opportunity to go to college and further you knowledge that you should because it will be well worth both your time and money that you invested into it. Cheever and Adam both had different ways of saying it, but both said that college in the long run if you earn a degree would be worth the extreme amount of money you paid. While Murray on the other hand thought that some people just aren’t meant to go to college and that college could just be a very big money and time waster if they go to a college system. While college prices and fees keep rising, college is still the way to go if you have what it takes to earn a degree. If you’re stuck on a decision of weather to go to college or not, well by reading Adam and Murray’s essays about how college is worth the money because it’s making you more money consistently in your lifetime. The statics should make your decision clear cut and if not...

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