Is College Worth It?

Topics: Higher education, Education, High school, College, Gymnasium, University / Pages: 3 (657 words) / Published: Oct 15th, 2012
Kempf 1
Allison Kempf
Professor Brian Strang
English 114
August 28, 2012
Is College Worth It? College can provide young adults with a chance to grow both mentally and behaviorally. Though most kids going to a four-year college are not completely self-reliant, typically living off their parent’s money, it is a time for independence and freedom. It is a chance for young adults to explore a broad range of topics that their high school could never give them. Times may be tough, but it’s times like these when the public must remember why it’s so important to get a good education. It’s a way to better our selves so that we can better our country. As much as some of us may not want to admit it, money makes the world go round. And the only way to get into a four-year university, or any college for that matter, and have this “once in a lifetime” experience is by paying our way in. Not everyone has the money to get into college but I believe everyone has the drive to obtain it. College is an investment that is well worth it. Money may pay for the books and the classes but it can’t pay for the knowledge and skills one can acquire from the time and effort they put into each assignment and lecture. I believe this can be attainable to anyone who puts in the elbow grease to save up money or apply for enough scholar ships and financial aid to pay for college. Kempf 2
So maybe some people will become a better person through college or maybe they will stay the same, but studies show that those with a college education make more money than those with only a high school diploma. Even though how much money someone makes is not always that important, it does not hurt to make enough money to send your own kids to college someday. As for how interesting someone’s work may be to them, that is entirely based on their decision in occupation rather than decision in education. And with higher education it actually gives people more choices to choose from in occupation

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