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Is college for Everyone

By bndurr Oct 20, 2014 477 Words

Is College for Everyone
There are so many students attending college who simply do not belong there. Most people think they will not get anywhere if they do not attend a college, or have some type of educational background. In the article, “Is College for Everyone,” Pharinet who is a college professor state that having your education is important and everyone has the right to attended college. He explains everyone does not have to go to college to get a well paying job, and some students simply is not ready for the academic and ressonsibility challenges of college. In the article the author Pharinet main purpose is to use her professor experience in the college field to explain to her viewers, future college students and the students parents that going to college may not be for everyone, and some people do not need a college degree to be successful. Not every college student is ready to face all the freedom and responsibility that comes with going to college. Pharnet uses the statistic that approximately 50% of students who begin college never gradate (636). Some students are simply not ready for the academic and financial challenges of college. Most students find themselves in desperate financial situations by their first semester. In most high schools, students do not pay for their books. “Upon entering college the cost of books can run several hundred dollars per semesters.”(635)

In Pharinet article she uses a calm tone, by using a clam tone shows the readers that she is passive and willing to make a reasonable argument. A statement Pharinet has stated before “… not every person should attend college”(635); the author has ability to support her argument in a passive tone with straightforward facts. Some students attended a four-year college before looking into a two-year college or maybe even a trade school. Pharinet wants students to know by doing more research before college could save a lot of time and money for both them and their parents.

The author use Ethos by viewing and breaking down both sides for the readers should you or should you not attend college. Giving students the befints of how going to college could help and by not going to college could help you help reading get a better understanding. Students need to distinguishing between the right to an education and the benefits of an education.

In the article, “ Is College for everyone”; his main audience is on college students and upcoming college students. Letting college students know that college can be very stressful in many different situations. Some of the college students do not understand the academic and all the financial challenges of college. In a different case you could be happy with a career that does not require a college background. Embracing the reality that maybe college just is not for everyone.

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