Is Cloning Acceptable

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Introduction to Philosophy

As the entire world continues to see substantial gains in science each year, many moral decisions must be made. Today more than ever individuals must decide whether or not to cross moral boundaries to pursue science that could potentially put an end to many problems facing our world. For years these boundaries have been broken with cultural advances including equal rights for all and interracial marriage. In the near future science will make it possible to clone human beings, forcing everyone to decide whether it is morally acceptable to clone. Is America ready to take the next step and pursue cloning for the benefit of medical and scientific advances? America along with the rest of the world is not ready for cloning and will never be accepting of cloning.

There are two different types of cloning, each with different goals and benefits. The first is therapeutic cloning which produces stem cells and even organs for transplantation. Instead of waiting on a donor list and hoping that an organ will arrive that would save your life, organs could be mass produced creating a perfect match that would be readily available. The second type of cloning is reproductive cloning. Reproductive cloning refers to allowing the clone to be created and live a regular life with the exact same DNA as the donor. Currently therapeutic cloning is being looked at as the first logical reason to clone. "Some types of disease and injury have no potential therapies other than those involving embryonic stem cells(cp #26, 3)." If perfected cloning could save thousands of lives and extend the life expectancy for the entire world. "The medical and scientific benefits of therapeutic cloning are so great that this research is morally required (cp#26,3)." Failure to pursue and eventually use this technology would result in many deaths that could have been prevented through therapeutic cloning. There are also justifiable reasons...
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