Is Cinderella Oppressing Or Inspiring

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7 Cinderella; oppressing or inspiring? Most fairy tales share common themes, characters, and similar atmospheres. In the two versions of Cinderella, the French “Cinderella” and the German one “Aschenputtel”. They are both centered around a girl who is “swept off her feet” by a dashing prince. Some critics state that these fairytales are oppressive to women. These fairytales are not oppressive to women. A girl’s upbringing and characteristics may be shaped by the literature they have read. The parents also have an extremely important role in their development, considering the morals they are taught. Cinderella is good to her family despite the hardships she endures and she eventually learns to get her revenge in the best way possible, by being good.
Cinderella is inspirational for the reason that she is her own person and she is not waiting around for her prince, the prince finds her. Girls could relate to that for the reason that good karma does exist and that is what Cinderella received. Some say Cinderella is a passive character but
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Her sweet nature is inherited from her mother who is considered “the nicest person in the world” (Cole, 3). The entire fairytale does center around Cinderella’s beauty, but “Cinderella was as good as she was beautiful” (Cole, 8). She invited her stepsisters to live in her palace and married them to two gentlemen. The main lesson in Cinderella is that if you are good, good things will happen to you. Cinderella also forgave her stepmother and her stepsisters for everything, “she pardoned them with all her heart” (Cole, 8). It takes a lot of strength and willpower to forgive someone who wrongs you. Being of good nature lessens the world’s impurities and imperfections. That does not mean a woman is oppressed, forgiveness is a sign of

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