Is Chivalry Alive Today

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Chivalry is the type of thing that would be great to have in our society but I don't believe that it exists too much anymore in the world today. Let me break down here some of the chivalry rules compared with the actions of the people of the current world. One rule of chivalry is that you have to honor and respect women. Back in the days of King Arthur this was carried out greatly but if you look at the lack of respect given to women today you see that this rule of chivalry no longer exists. Women's right have made great strides in the past few decades but women are just not given the respect that they deserve. Women were put in high regards back in King Arthur's day. Now they are not as respected as they should be. When you look at the cases of rape, assault, and battery you see just why the Knights were so honorable. There are some very honorable men in the world that treat women with respect and for that I commend them, but there are those who give men a bad name. The worst case of this that I have seen is when Bill Clinton, the President of the United States cheated on his wife with another. When the man that is the leader of the greatest country in the world is breaking these rules, why should civilians be expected to keep them? Another rule is that you have to grant another mercy if they ask you for it. I like this rule a lot because instead of having to kill someone to win a battle they can beg you for mercy and you can take just as much satisfaction in that than having to kill them. There are some in this world that will grant mercy but there are also the many that are too ruthless to give people mercy. It is seen as very honorable to give someone who asks mercy but I don't see too much honor shown in our world today. Another rule of chivalry is to never do battle to obtain goods. Well this is the rule that is the most broken in our world in my opinion. I always see on the news have robberies are made and how things are stolen....
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