is cheating wrong

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‘Is cheating wrong’

The word “cheating” refers to being dishonest with someone. It is the most inappropriate way of behaving. Cheating any person is just like cheating yourself and God. It is because God made us to help and serve others. We should never do such things that harm others. We should always be truthful to all. Only then can we expect truth from others. What if we cheat others may sometime befall upon us. Here is a short story about a boy that always lied and one day his lie befell upon him: Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd who was a very mischievous child. Everyday, he used to go to the hills rearing his sheep. One day, he felt of doing a small mischief and while his sheep were grazing, he started shouting, “Wolf…Wolf…!” The villagers ran to save his sheep but found no wolf there. The boy started laughing at them. They felt very embarrassed and went back. After some days, the boy did the same thing and the villagers again ran to save him but found no wolf. They got very angry on him. Then one day, the wolf really came. The boy cried, “Wolf…Wolf…!” But this time no villager came. He again cried, “Wolf…Wolf…!” but no one bothered. And then the wolf attacked his sheep and also killed the shepherd. It was due to his own sin that he got killed. The moral of the story is “Always speak the truth”.

Cheating is always harmful to both - the cheater and the person cheated. It has never done good to anyone. Cheating can be in many ways – cheating our elders, our youngsters, our teachers, our friends, our nation, and also our mother nature. When we cheat in a test, we not only cheat our parents and teachers but also ourselves. It is we who are going to suffer at last due to this. Even when we show our test to someone, not only he/she is cheating but we too are cheating our friends
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