Is Change a Good Thing?

Topics: English-language films, 2008 albums, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: April 4, 2013
“The only constant thing in life is change”.
I would always wonder if this statement was really true, and yes, nothing remains the same. Everybody faces changes in life. Change of class in school, moving house, progressing from a primary student to a secondary student, and the loss of loved ones. When you ask someone, “Is Change a Good Thing?”, many people would say “no.” As humans, we tend to focus on all the negative changes that have happened to us. We do not go deep into these changes and ask ourselves whether there is another side to them. I do not see it that way too, not until I experienced this change that really changed my life. I was ten that year and my workaholic parents were not there for me most of the time. They would spend more on their work and it was hard to have a meal together as a family. As the only child, I always felt lonely when I saw other children who were much closer to their parents. I would envy children who had their mother to pick them up from school. However, I was fortunate because I had my grandmother. As I was her only grandchild, she doted on me and loved me more than she loved anyone. Although it has been a long time, I still remember her wise words and I would never forget her lessons. I still remember how her words seem to ignite a spark in me, and how I managed to see through the meaning of those words despite being a kid. Her words were the reason why I would hang on when I met with difficulties. I really could not live without her, because at that point in time, I really believed that she was the only thing I had. At that same year, my grandmother was contracted with lung cancer and we only discovered her illness when it has already taken its toll on her once-healthy body. It was already the 4th stage of the cancer and there was nothing we could do about it. Since then, I promised to spend the rest of my grandmother’s time happily. I wanted to treasure every moment we shared and to let her die happily. Although that...
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