Is censorship necessary?

Topics: Mass media, News media, Journalism Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: October 5, 2013
With the advent of new media, the dissemination of information has reached an unparalleled scale, bringing to the fore the inevitable reality of censorship. The issue of censorship has been a contentious one and conservatives argue for its instatement while liberals dispute its existence. In my opinion, I think that a form of censorship has to be put in place to maintain order in a society and protect the young from malignant content. However, many dispute the extent to which censorship should be put in place, arguing that censorship is a powerful weapon which can be abused by depraved individuals. Besides, they too argue that censorship is an ineffective tool in fulfilling its said purpose.

Firstly, censorship remains imperative in maintaining order in a society. It impedes the dissemination of seditious content on the internet, thereby preventing any form of unhealthy social discourse and maintaining harmony among people. The dawn of the internet age has empowered people to voice out their own opinions whilst behind the perceived security of their keyboard. This freedom of speech enabled by the internet inevitably calls for some form of oversight over its users. Not long ago, online furore erupted over notorious sex bloggers Alvin and Vivian, who posted a photo of themselves eating “Bak Kut Teh” or pork ribs soup. What caused the controversy here was the catchline of the photo which read, “Happy breaking fast” in english. This resulted in a huge uproar from the muslim community as many felt that he was making a mockery out of the muslim tradition of fasting and abstinence from pork. Such racially insensitive remarks might damage the social fabric of a society, resulting in undesirable social implications and disrupting the racial harmony of a society. With censorship, such seditious content can be contained and order will be preserved.

Censorship is also necessary to protect the young from the hordes of violent and sexual content found on the media. Along...
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