Is Canada Best Place to Live?

Topics: Life expectancy, Demography, Higher education Pages: 11 (1212 words) Published: February 22, 2015

Canadian Geography- World Population Study:
Is Canada Really one of the Best Places to live in the World?

April 2, 2013
Life Expectancy:
The average life expectancy for all the people of the world is 64.3 years. Life expectancy is the most important criteria to determine which country is the best place to live in. A country with low life expectancy means that there is either less access to safe water, less healthcare or low education. The lack of access to safe water can result in deaths at an early age. Less healthcare would mean less doctors per 1000 people so more people would be prone to diseases. Lower education would mean that people wouldn’t know how to take care of themselves or others or even get a job. They would also die earlier. Considering all these factors affecting life expectancy, a country with a higher life expectancy means that it is a better place to live. Higher Education:

Higher education is education that occurs after high school. It includes college, university and even institutes. This is what sets people up for their future career whether they want to be a police officer, a lawyer or even maybe a dentist for example. Countries with a higher education rate means that there are more people in professional jobs and they may also have higher paying jobs. Countries that don’t have much of a higher education rate can mean that either the country is very poor, or that the cost for higher education is too much to afford. Overall, higher education is what people should aim for so that they don’t struggle later on in life. For example, not having a pension and having your kids pay it instead. Higher education is an important piece of criteria because the higher the education rate is, the better the place is to live in. HealthCare:

HealthCare is an important piece of criteria to determine which country is the best place to live in because it is important to have good HealthCare so you can stay away from diseases, live longer and stay fit. HealthCare is measured by the average amount of doctors per 1000 people. The more doctors there are then the better health care people receive. It also can mean that people will receive more attention and will feel confident going to hospital for injuries. Countries that have a low amount of doctors per 1000 people means that the country is either poor or people are not receiving higher education. This could make the people more vulnerable to diseases as well and they may not be able to receive medical attention. Safe Water:

Safe water is one of the most important criteria because water is the number one necessity for life and if you want a better life, you need good, safe water. The three main necessities for life are food, water and shelter and without any one of them, the chances of surviving are slim. Polluted water is dangerous because it can contain bacteria or diseases and if that gets inside of you, you can get terribly sick. Countries with safe water means that there is less pollution, and there is a proper filtration system which monitors your water so that you can stay safe. The best place to live would be a place with a source of clean, reliable and safe water. Dependency Load:

Dependency load is an important criteria for choosing the best place to live because dependency load is the amount of people that need to be looked after. 14 and under, and 65 and over is the average range of people who are dependent upon others. These people rely on others to bring home an income and support the family. People who do not work are part of the dependency load. If a country has a high dependency load then that means that the country may be less developed because there are more non workers than workers. The families won’t be able to produce a steady stream of money to be able to survive. Therefore countries with a lower dependency load would be the best place to live because the non-workers are...

Cited: Rosenberg, Matt. "Life Expectancy." Geography, 19 Aug. 2007. Web. 02 Apr. 2013.
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