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Is Britian More Racist Than It Was Before

By thomas123548 Feb 25, 2013 752 Words
Is Britain more Racist today than it was in the 1970s
Big point: Comedy uses discrimination to highlight minority groups Little point: In 1970 comedy was often openly racist Two examples of how comedy used to be openly racist is when people from other countries started coming here looking for jobs so the people who live there get annoyed because they think they are taking all the jobs. One reason to back this up is 'Love Thy Neighbour' it was a comedy series in the 1970s about the racial tensions between a White Worker who called his black West Indian neighbour a 'sambo', and the black called his white neighbour a 'honky'. This comedy was about two different races living in the same neighbourhood. Looking at comedy this shows that Britain is not as racist as it used to be one example is Citizen Khan this comedy is set in Birmingham following the trials and tribulations of Mr Khan and his family. This comedy is not racist as the 1970s comedies such as 'Love Thy Neighbour' but it is stereotypical and could sometimes offend people, but the people who they are stereotypical against could be laughing at it. Point: The news attacks racism when it is open, but still publishes a lot of racist articles little point : In 1970 the news was not openly racist, but they still discriminated against people. The media used to discriminated again certain groups by making adverts that are racist or discriminates a certain group. this affects peoples behaviour by making them feel un comfortable and singling them out. Little point: The new today attacks racism but still prints the racist langue an images they are criticising. Two examples why people might find it offensive is that one example is football if the media prints the racist langue about that player then the behaviour of the people might be angry because of how they didn't let the media publish it in the first place. Another example is when someone criticises images that could be thought as being racist .This would of affected the behaviour of the people a lot because of how they thought that criticising images that was seen as racist was just unacceptable. Many people argue over the way racism is dealt worth on the media. Some people argue that it is not fair or un acceptable that the media are still using racist langue in their reports. And some people argue that they deal well with racist issues and that when the media criticises and image that is racist they have no problem.

Point: People have always migrated to and from the UK throughout history on example is After World War II, two things changed the nature of UK immigration. First, Irish nationals and the countries of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Wales) have freedom to move. Second, nationals of many other countries, particularly former British colonies like India and Jamaica, Little point: In 1970 people who were new into the country were openly called names and discriminated against by employers. Two examples how people where discriminated where that the new arrivals to the country were called names one example of names is sambo this would change people's behaviour because when employers call the new people who have just come to this country names this discriminates then=m and singles them out from the rest. Another reason is when the employers describe them and make them feel bad this changes people behaviour by making the new people that have just come to this country feel angry. little point: Today new arrivals to the UK, and nationalities who have a number of people migrating to the UK are discriminated against. Two examples how new arrivals to the UK were discriminated were that the new arrivals were treated differently. This changed people behaviour as the people who lived there were getting more and more annoyed because they thought the new arrivals were taking all the jobs so the people who lived there did think it was acceptable as they thought they were being robbed of they own jobs. This demonstrates that new arrivals to the UK have always been treated differently and have been called names to discriminated them. Point: Some of the opinions link together. For example the perspective of the media ,and in the UK combined to affect people's opinions of what is acceptable discrimination and what is not. Example: For example the media combined withpeople migrating to and from the uk f

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