Is boredom good or bad?

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Boredom… Is it good or bad?
In the 21st century everyone is constantly going and they believe that is the only way to be. Being bored is a necessity and very good for you, but nowadays we barely get that chance. Always being “plugged in”, or busy gives you no time to be alone which should be a very important time to have at least once a day. People need to put down their smartphones, iPods, and shut their computers and get bored. I think being bored and having nothing to do is what makes someone think of something to do. Having nothing to think about gets your wheels turning. Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid being bored so you need to learn how to deal with it. Most people think that boredom is bad but we are thinking about it all wrong. USA Today states, “Research suggests that, rather than a feeling to be avoided, boredom (in moderation) should be embraced. The happy balance between chronic boredom and constant engagement can prove beneficial.” Everyone I know, myself included, relies to heavily on technology. When my iPhone reaches a level below 25% battery it makes me nervous. I begin to question, what will I do without my phone, what if someone posts something on Facebook, or tags me in a tweet? A couple of years ago I was involved in a research project. I let my phone, computer and iPod die and didn’t charge them for 48 hours to see what I would do with my time instead of face book, twitter, and other useless time-fillers all contained within this small computer. On top of that I unplugged my television and did not touch any of my electronics for a whole day. That one day was one of the most productive I have ever had. I finished all my homework completely and thoroughly in what felt like no time at all. When I took a break from doing my work I had nothing to do except think; which I loved. I thought, I drew, I read, I talked and I had a great day. I never thought that I could survive the day without technology but I did more that...

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