Is Birth Control the Solution to Teen Sex?

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Since the 1970's, sexually transmitted diseases(STDs),
unintended pregnancies, and other problems from sexual activity have increased among adolescents in the United States. Approximately 1 million adolescent girls become pregnant each year and 86% of all STDs occur among persons aged 15-29 years.1 Premarital and teenage sex are far from being a new idea. What is new is the way we deal with it. One of the most common solutions is to distribute mass quantities of condoms and hope for the best. Another popular technique is to tell our kids to just say no. Abstinence is the ideal cure for this problem, but, unfortunately, it isn't very realistic. Our society has propagated an environment in which promiscuity is more than acceptable, it's encouraged. Teaching our kids to cover themselves in latex is not the answer. Neither is closing our eyes and expecting them to preserve their virginity. Both techniques have been ineffective.

What we need is to teach our children how to say no. The education system has taught us where everything is and how to use it. Now we need to teach them how not to use it. Only 17 percent of girls say that they planned their first sexual intercourse.2 This suggests that most have sex because they don't know how to thwart sexual advances. The first thing we need to do is teach our children to respect their bodies at a young age. Next we need to return morality and responsibility to the home and the classroom. One of the ways we can do this is to stress traditional family values, promote monogamy, and return some shame to adultery. After we have accomplished this, we need to expand or sex education to include how not to have sex. This can be accomplished through the use of role plays. Have students act-out a date and practice ways to say no. The use of older student speakers would also be a very effective tool. Lastly we need to instruct our older children in the proper use of birth control, and insure they understand the moral and social implications of their actions.

This problem didn't develop over night and there are no easy answers or quick fixes. Effective policies take time to develop and implement, but the sooner we start, the sooner we'll succeed. We need to teach our youth that promisquity is morally wrong, socially destructive and poses a public health hazard and that it is immoral to exploit a partner for sexual gratification or to launch an unwanted pregnancy and not take responsibility for it.

"Judgment Day"

The sun sat slowly behind the darkened hills, as the amber moon rose quietly in the northern sky. It was a night not like-like any other Autumn night, or was it.

In a far away court room sits three men, one very old and wise. The second kindly and gentle with eyes as blue as a Crystal pool and a heart as pure as driven snow sits Solemn and quite as a tear runs slowly down his cheek. The third paces impatiently, a malevolent grin on his devilishly handsome face, as he waits for the last drop of blood to fall into goblet. The drop will fill it to overflowing. The prosecution has waited nearly two thousand years for this moment and tonight the prophecy will be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, in a park somewhere in America, a young girl is on her way home from work. She had had to work late and decided to walk home being that it was such a beautiful evening. Little did she know that she wasn't the only one who decided to take a walk in the park that night. Behind her she could hear the sound of a quickening footfall. As the sound grew closer her heart began to race and her pace to quicken. The footsteps behind her became closer and louder, her fear was fast becoming panic, she could taste the steely bile as she began to run. Too late, the unseen predator had found its prey. He grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth and thrusting her to the...

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