Is Batman a Real Super Hero?????????

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Donald Goddard
Due November 16th 2010
History of Comic Book Art

Is Batman a Real Super Hero?????????

Is Batman a real super hero, according to a lot of people they would say he is not and when you would ask for a reason why not; they will usually always give the same reason that he can’t be one since he has no super power. But I’m writing this paper to show that a superhero isn't necessarily defined by his powers, but rather, his zeal for fighting crime and his innate ability to do so. Batman may not have super human powers but he shares every other trait that other super heroes have that define them. As well another example of why we may consider Batman to be a real super hero is Lex Luthor, Lex does not have any super powers but he is defiantly a super villain, thus with him being a super villain how could we not agree to Batman being a super hero.

Interestingly, the term "superhero" has been traced back to its first appearance in a 1942 story by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, when it was used to describe the costumed character "the Guardian," who also had no "super-powers." The term "super" is a coinage of the 1920s, when it came into vogue as a contraction of the word "superior" and should not be construed as always meaning something beyond the ability of ordinary humans; "super" does not have to be synonymous with "impossible." Note that in the link below, it is clearly stated that "characters need not have actual superhuman powers to be deemed superheroes." Batman is also served up there as an example of one of the world's best known "superheroes," and he is the prototype of scores of costumed heroes who have no superhuman powers. Clearly, Batman qualifies as a "superhero" and opinions to the contrary are exactly that, mere opinions, and may be ignored with a clear conscience. Webster defines being a super hero as a type of stock character possessing "extraordinary or superhuman powers" and dedicated to protecting the public and has...
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