Is Atheism a Religion?

Topics: Religion, Atheism, God Pages: 8 (2806 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Throughout the countless generations of our existence, we as a global community have pondered a variety of noteworthy enquiries. Most notably, the following come to the forefront. How did the universe come into existence? Does God exist? Does evil exist? What is the ultimate reality? The emergence of these thought provoking questions is something we as a society have become accustomed to debating. Rationally speaking, there simply cannot be one precise justification for these questions. Judging on the history of this heated topic, it is apparent that a variety of possibilities have arisen.

The truth of the matter is that the nature of God and religion in itself can be perceived and interpreted through a broad array of individual beliefs. What one individual deems to be the ultimate reality can differ tremendously from another individual’s viewpoint. Ultimately, a person’s culture experiences, traditions, and beliefs all carry significant weight into their perceptions of God and religion. This in fact, is the ultimate reality. Fortunately for us, the use of religion alleviates some of the speculation as it gives us a firm basis of discussion for argument sake.

To begin with, it is fundamental to interpret what is classified as religion. Religion has been globally renowned as a set of symbolic world views, theories of action and institutions that relate individuals and groups of individuals to that which they consider to be the ultimate reality. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are all vivid examples of belief systems that are devotedly practiced worldwide. Although unique in their own respective way, all of these belief systems share the common ground of being classified as religions. Contrarily, Atheism (although it possesses the “ism”) is often disregarded as a religion due to a variety of reasons. Not only does majority of the public disregard Atheism as a religion, but also refuse to accept it as an ideology, philosophy, worldview, and belief system. Nonetheless, it is vital to construe that religion is merely one mode of reasoning to justify our existence in this intriguing universe. According to science, the universe came into existence from an “arbitrary pop” globally accepted as the Big Bang Theory. More specifically, the Big Bang Theory was a “theory of the creation of the universe first introduced by George Gamow in the 1940s where the universe started as very small, dense, and hot about 15 billion years ago and then expanded into our modern day universe and continues to expand today” (Gribbin, 1996). Prior to this colossal event, there was no matter. However, the purpose of this essay is not to favour one argument over another but rather to examine the nature of ATHIESM and reflect on both sides of the argument respectively.

Firstly, with regards to Atheism not being classified as a religion, many Christians oppose this fact by stating Atheism can be classified as a religion. However, through a perspective of the majority who don’t, one simply cannot make this judgement with the full understanding of religion. The fact of the matter is that Atheism lacks every one of the essential characteristics of religion. Furthermore, with the use of various external resources, we can gather a better grasp of what religion is commonly referred to. This in return will enable us to elaborate on how Atheism contradicts Religion. According to one resource, “Religion can be the service and worship of God or the supernatural” (Wolf, 2010). By focusing solely on this definition, Atheism is without a doubt NOT a religion due to the fact that Atheism is commonly referred to as the doctrine or belief that there is no God. Furthermore, the United States Supreme Court claims that “religion is based on a belief in the existence of God and that religion is founded on different beliefs” (Hammar, 1991). This evidently contradicts Atheist viewpoints due to the fact that they believe in no supernatural...
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