Is Areteology a Better Way of Approaching Ethics Than Deontology or Teleology?

Topics: Virtue, Ethics, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: November 26, 2013
Is Areteology a better way of approaching ethics than Deontology or Teleology? Areteology being the study of virtues and the word arête meaning excellence, Areteology can better be defined as the study of excellent human virtues (a divine study). It looks at the ultimate purpose of human life and what might result in practical excellence. It would aim to show people what an excellent human life is and teach people how to live by the excellent human virtues. In Areteology, the question normally asked is what kind of life is a worthwhile one to be living rather than what actions are the right ones in this situation. Aristotle’s definition of a virtue is an “excellence in the service of a function or a purpose”. Aristotle stated that the purpose of a human is known through something that is unique to us, reason which is not shared with other animals. He said that to gain ultimate happiness in life is to live a life in moderation between excess and deficiency. The opposite of a virtue is a vice which is the bad characteristic that makes up a human’s personality. Areteology is a good way of looking at ethics because it takes every person as an individual. By seeing every person differently means you can apply what is necessary in situations without the waste of actions. With this is mind however it may make the theory unable to be universalised because one person’s vice is another’s virtue. The theory is also very vague in making statements. Although it gives us a lot of understanding on who a virtuous person is and what they are like, it does not give any form of evidence or sense of direction in becoming someone that is a virtuous person living for excellence. Deontology is the study of actions being formed by our duty. Kant’s theory is very much a deontological theory based around the theory of Duty. This specific theory incorporates what people are supposed to do and the correct actions to take in certain situations. These ethics teach people that some things...
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