Is America Number One?

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Is America Number One?

I always thought that America was one of the best countries in the world, because

everyone knows that we are known for all the freedoms and equalities that we are granted

by just being born here. I also always thought America was one of the best, because I

always heard on the news about the problems that other countries were having with

diseases, economic problems, as well as problems within their government. But, now after

researching all these things about my own country, I have found that we aren't better than

anyone, unless you view being the best as being the most financially secured. Even there,

we aren't the richest country, according to Luxemburg and Norway beat us in

that category. And, I also found that even though we are the 3rd richest country, we have

the most billionaires living in this country then any other, but we are also the 13th most

expensive country to live in. Then I thought, if being the richest doesn't make us the best or

the cheapest to live in for that matter, is it the fact that we are the country with the mos

equally treated population, but then again according to my research I was wrong. The US

was not even ranked among the countries that had the best gender equality. Then, while I

was at it, I decided to look up some more things about this country, and see if something

could prove that we were in fact a great country.

But, instead of finding great things, I found things that we as American's shouldn't

be too proud of, or at least our government shouldn't be proud of and trying to fix. Some of

the smaller things that I found that mostly had to do with the people of the united states

were that we are the ranked 2nd out of the countries with the highest teenage pregnancies,

with 83.6 teen pregnancies per 1000 US residents per year. Which should tell the
government that they need to do more to prevent this, or...
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