Is Abortion Morally Acceptable?

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Is Abortion an Acceptable act?

Abortion is a very controversial issue in today’s society, there are two extreme opinions regarding the subject. Some find that abortion is simply murder and that the foetus is a human being from the beginning of its existence and that having an abortion is simply homicide, these people are pro-life. Then there are others who are pro-abortion, who find that the foetus is merely a cluster of cells, which relies on its mother to stay alive. Pro-abortionists support a woman’s decision to undergo abortion. However, to distinguish whether abortion is acceptable or not, we need to take in account the extremely unfortunate circumstances at which a child may have been conceived. We need to take in account whether the circumstances and environment that surrounds it is ideal for a newborn child. So, the real question isn’t whether abortion is right or not, it is under what circumstances is it acceptable for a baby to be aborted?

Anti-abortionists bluntly say that abortion is ‘the intentional killing of unborn babies’ and those who undergo the procedure ‘do not appreciate the value of human life’. However, in many cases it is quite the opposite. In cases of underage pregnancies, one night stands and rape, mothers are afraid that they cannot provide their child with the life they deserve. These pregnancies are unwanted, accidental, and the mother feels that the child would not be given a caring environment due to social discrimination, mental or physical disabilities. For this reason, these mothers believe that it would be immoral to keep the baby, as it would not be born into a loving environment it deserves.

On the other hand, anti-abortionists feel that a more just alternative to abortion would be adoption. They feel that even under extreme conditions, adoption is always an option. Even though the mother is not capable of looking after her child, the abortion is not justified. If the mother completely had the child’s best interests...

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