Irregular Warfare Vs Nuclear War Essay

Topics: United States Marine Corps, United States, War / Pages: 4 (802 words) / Published: Dec 7th, 2016
Marines have always had the ability to train as we fight. However, our current enemies form of warfare does not relate to our current training guidance. The current form of irregular warfare is something the Marine Corps has never seen before. Simply stated the United States Marine Corps has not properly identified the significance of irregular warfare and has yet to develop the training needed to fight the modern-day form of irregular warfare. General Mattis said the United States of America has been able to achieve superiority in both nuclear warfare and conventional warfare but is not superior in irregular warfare. Why would he say this? He said it because it is true. The United States fear of diminishing their superiority in both nuclear and conventional warfare has made them reluctant on focusing on the real threat which is irregular warfare. What needs to be realized is that our enemy’s form of irregular warfare was created by the same types …show more content…
Why would a terrorist group fight a conventional war with the United States? How would an enemy with no access to nuclear weapons fight a nuclear war? They wouldn’t. So instead they have adapted and are fighting in a way the U.S. cannot defend and that is with the use of cyber-attacks, mass shootings, bombings of public places and public executions and other forms of irregular threats. How can we defend this? Well we must first identify the issue and then develop a plan to counter these attacks. The Marines fall into this same sort of reluctance to admit our ways of doing things might not work for every situation. We as Marines must push aside our conventional ways of training and learn to develop new ways to fight back. The concept of Maneuver warfare does not in my opinion apply to irregular warfare. In MCDP-1 Warfighting it states that maneuver warfare seeks

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