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Irony moving the story forward

To keep a reader intrigued and interested in what you are writing is a secret. That secret to success is not much of a secret at all, its all about keeping the story consistent and flowing naturally with transitions. You don’t want a long boring ol story making your audience sleep, a humours, suspenseful, full of ironic scenes would be sure to keep a reader on there feet wanting to see what will happen next. Authors use a box full of tools which contain literally devices that they can pull out when they need help with there piece.

Frank O' Conner inserts many sources of humor in the story The Drunkard such as in the beginning of the story the boy sounds annoyed and bothered with his father drinking and his problem with it, later on we come to see that the son steps in his fathers shoes and starts drinking himself.
"The father was stepping out like a boy, pleased with everything.” (pg297) Its rather ironic how the father and his son seem to switch roles after he drinks what was in his cup The boy acting like an actual drunk old man, and the father acting like a sober young kid.
Its humorous when the old ladies laugh at him and he curses them out as a grown drunken man might do.

In the movie Waking Ned Devine irony flows consistently all throughout the film, which is about two old best friends who go to great lengths to find the winner of the 7million dollar prize lottery which everyone in the village desperately wants. Jackie and Michale know the winning ticket is close and organize this chicken dinner scheme to narrow down the winner. When Ned devine does not show to the party they jump to their feet for which they believe he is responsible for winning and rush to his house to find him cold dead from a heart attack with the ticket still intact in his hands.
Jackie believes that Ned would have wanted them to claim the money by a dream he receives and plans to share it equally with all 52 villagers. Everyone one

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