Ironic Dialogue

Topics: Tears, Sacrifice Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: February 22, 2009
About:- Two friends who fight on something and then they figure out how each one sacrificed something for the other. Names:- Cedrella (Mouza, because her anger shows and Cedrella has to be a bit mad) Merope (Maitha, because she looks like the loyal kind of friend that would sacrifice things first) Pansy (played by anyone who agreed in the class) Hepzibah (played by no one) Ideas:- Cedrella sees Merope being too friendly with Pansy (Cedrella enemy) and think they are plotting against her. Merope’s side of the story is different, she says that she was only being nice with Pansy because she was sure that Pansy had a plan against Cedrella which is why she sacrificed her late grandmother’s Opal brooch to Pansy. Cedrella was afraid for Merope whom she thinks will get her mind demolished by Pansy’s ideas. So Cedrella sacrifices her allowance since she was ten to Hepzibah who is Pansy’s closest friend to get all information about Merope with Pansy. Later they find out that Pansy was plotting all of this to get the worthy possession of the brooch and break the long lasting friendship of Cedrella and Merope. In the end they don’t care about Pansy or what she gets, most importantly they have their friendship that is much more worthy than anything. Cedrella calls Merope on the phone. Cedrella: I thought I could trust you! Merope: Of course you can, what is this about? Cedrella: Don’t act like you don’t know, because I’m not that dense. Merope: I don’t want to start a tussle Cedrella; I just want to know what- Cedrella: from my point of view, I think you do want to start a tussle! Merope: If you are not going to listen to me, maybe I should start a fight! Cedrella: I don’t think there is another option Merope, Ughh! Then both drop the phone angrily, Merope starts hitting things angrily with tears while Cedrella cries with all might. Later, after school they both meet at the park on a bench. Merope starts after sitting a bit far from Cedrella: Why did you...
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