Iron & Silk

Topics: Teacher, Short story, Martial arts Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Chapter 1

The first chapter describes the hassles four people have to go through to get to changsha china. Within the train stations and airports, they are trampled by different people clearly looking to make money off the ignorance of foreigners. The narrator is the main character and his motivation for being there is unclear. He did state the other three people were there to teach English. It is assumed that they are all from the states. Many people in the train station want to take advantage of them and prohibit them to get where they want to go with different regulations and clearly made-up rules. Eventually, they do arrive in changsha and get a warm greeting from people in charge of foreign affairs at the university they are working with. They took a eye opening van ride to the university where they were greeted by top notch university administration. For the rest of the chapter the narrator and his friends get acclimated with the university and went out into the city for a small historical tour.

Chapter 2

In chapter the only the main character is introduced and spoken upon. He is there to teach English at Hunan Medical College in Changsha for 2 years. We learn how he got there and that he had always been in love with Chinese culture since he was a little kid. Chapter two outlines the daily life of the narrator. He is a teacher and teaches many different age groups but usually older people. Within the chapter he develops a close relationship with the other teachers and faculty members. He really enjoys his job and the students he teaches.

Chapter 3

From chapter three on the book is divided up into different small segments within each chapter. As you read you realize that each section is a different story or different experience he had in China that taught him a lesson on culture or various other things. For example, one of the stories in chapter three was told about a woman in the community who had committed...
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