Iron Essay

Topics: Iron, Periodic table, Chemical element Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Imagine the world without iron. It doesn’t seem like much but without iron, the world would not have essential things that are use in life today. Iron is essential to make nearly everything, from screwdrivers, to washing machines, from buildings, to food containers from staples to ships. Most importantly iron makes up more than 5.6% of the Earth’s crus, and nearly its entire core. Iron is an amazing element, and is a crucial part of the world today.

The element symbol for iron is Fe coming from the Latin word for iron, Ferrum. Its atomic number is 26 because it has 26 protons, it is found in group eight and period of the periodic table. All the elements in group eight are called intern gases, they are called these because they have a complete shell and no incentive to either lose or gain electrons. In group four you will find transition metals. Iron is classified as a metal but comes in many different forms such as, cast iron; which is mostly used in kitchens, alloyed steel; which can take extreme temperatures, and there is wrought iron which is more twistable; therefore it is mostly used for window screens and outdoor patio furniture. Iron is an astonishing thing, it is amazing the unique places it is found.

Iron has been around for thousands of years, first being discovered in prehistoric times, but the first evidence of iron is from Ancient Egypt in 4000 B.C. It was used on the tips of arrows and spears to make them harder and sharper. The Egyptians got the iron from where meteors had hit the Earth; therefore, they were one of the first people to use iron as a tool. Through out history iron made a big impact, especially in our towns and cities. The first impact iron had on America was iron tool, from then on the iron industry became bigger and bigger. When the industrial revolution hit, iron was very important to all the new factories and their machinery, but the industries using it soon realized that wrought iron was not durable enough. Therefore...
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