irish politics

Topics: Voting, Democracy, Election Pages: 3 (505 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Do Irish voters identify with parties or personalities?
I have conducted a small survey and have interview three people in relation to parties and personality importance. In this survey I asked which party or if any do they follow? , how intense is their support? , did their parents follow the same party as they follow now?, does personality matter in deciding which party to follow?, and do they still believe they will vote for the same party in the next election. Interviewee one; when asked which party or if any party do they feel close to they replied Fianna Fail. They said they chose this party to follow as they believe strongly in their policies and they have faith in their decisions. They alleged to be a reasonable strong follow but admitted that they had doubt and changed in the previous election due to the current climate. When asked if personality is important in relation to choosing a party it was clear that it was extremely significant and that it played a big role in choosing their party. They admitted that both their parents had been Fianna Fail supporters and this may also had an influence in which party he choose when they grew up. Interviewee two; when asked which party they supported if any, they replied Fine Gael. They said they chose this party because they believe in their policies and also that both their parents supported them which had a huge impact on their choice of party. They stated that because they are farmers they support this party as they believe they do the most for their occupation more than any other party. I could tell from the interview that they were very close to this party. They said that personality does matter in relation to choosing a party and that the closer you feel to the person the more you have trust in their policies and decisions. Interviewee three; when asked which party or if any party do they feel close to they said they didn’t practically follow any party. They stated that they never felt a strong...
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