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Irish Influencing America Ways
The Irish traditions influence many things in American that we Americans really barely even realize The annual celebration of Saint Patrick's Day is a generally known as a sign of the Irish existence in America. One of the largest celebrations of the Irish holiday takes place in New York, where the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade draws anywhere to two million people. The second-largest celebration is held in Boston at the South Boston Parade. It’s one the nation's oldest dating back to 1737. On day like St. Patrick’s Day Irish music is played everywhere the same Irish song that date back to the 1700s Irish traditional music in the United States has its own history, both in recording culture and by live performances. Emigrants from Ireland brought their instruments and traditions to the United States since the earliest days of European colonization of the New World. The learning and playing of Irish music by first and second generation Irish-Americans helped the spread of Irish music. And then yet another is the widespread interest in the music. In the 1890s, Irish music entered a "golden age" centered on the lively scene in New York City. Though the golden age ended by the Great Depression, the 1950s saw a highpoint of Irish music, added by the foundation of the City Center Ballroom in New York where Irish gatherings are held. In the Depression and World War, Irish traditional music in New York was belittled by showband culture. Performers like Jack Coen, Paddy O'Brien, Larry Redican, and Paddy Reynolds kept the tradition alive in the United States, and were teachers of the music to Irish Americans. Many of the great Irish American performers like Andy McGann, Brian Conway, Joannie Madden, Jerry O'Sullivan, Liz Carroll and Billy McComiskey would achieve many accomplishments in the traditional music usually associated with native Irish. Later Irish emigration to New York and beyond by James Keane, Mick Moloney, Paddy Keenan,...
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