Irena Sendler

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Irena Sendler smuggled many Jewish children out of a ghetto in World War II. Sendler got 2,500 children out of the ghetto, which means she had to go back into that terrible place many times. Irena Sendler should have won the Nobel Peace Prize for her heroism, bravery, and for her impact on history.

Irena was born in Warsaw on February 15, 1910, but her and her family later moved to Otwock, a town with a big Jewish community. Her father was a doctor and when an epidemic broke out he cared for mostly Jewish patients. He later caught the disease from one of his patients and died. Irena was taught very young that there was nothing different in between her and the Jewish community. When Irena moved back to Warsaw she enrolled at Warsaw University where there were strict rules about separating the Jewish from the non-Jewish students. They were not allowed to sit together in class or out of class. Irena refused these rules and she was suspended for one year. This was the beginning of her going against the separation of Jews. Her parents taught her that if a man is drowning, it is irrelevant what is his religion or nationality. One must help him.

The Nazis invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. Not long after that approximately 450,000 Jews, about 30 percent of Warsaw’s population, were crammed into a tiny section of the city and barricaded behind seven-foot-high walls, which was the ghetto of Warsaw. Elzbieta Ficowska, one of the kids Irena saved, was just five months old when she was placed in a carpenter’s box and smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto. She started by taking the orphans off the street and taking them to freedom, then she started asking the parents to take their children and promised they would be reunited after the war and that they would be safe. Irena saved over 2,500 Jews just by smuggling them out in different items, such as a toolbox.

There were two common routes used to smuggle the children out, Children old enough to be taught some basic...
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