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Irc (Indenting Registration Form)

By sanjoysapnik Jun 11, 2013 334 Words
The Secretary BANGLADESH INDENTING AGENTS’ASSOCIATION Saiham Sky View Tower (7th Floor), Apt. A-7, 45, BijoyNagar, Dhaka-1000. Tel: 88-02-8391501-3. E-mail: Website:

Required Documents: (i) Photocopy of uptodate Trade Licence (ii) Photocopy of uptodate Income Tax Certificate showing Tax Identification Number (TIN ) (iii) Photocopy of Bank Solvency Certificate (iv) Photocopy of National ID / Nationality Certificate / Passport of the applicant (Note: Above documents to be attested by the Applicant ) (v) Photocopy of Memorandum & Articles of Association, in case of Limited Company.

Dear Sir, Being desirous of becoming a Member of the Bangladesh Indenting Agents’ Association (BIAA), we submit this application. I/we agree to abide by BIAA’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. In this connection a sum of Tk 2,500/= as admission fee + Tk. 2,000/= as membership subscription for the current year + Tk. 200/= for News-letter, Total Tk. 4,700/= (Taka four thousand seven hundred) only is enclosed for membership of BIAA. Particulars of my /our firms are given hereunder.


Name of the applicant’s firm :______________________________________________________________ ( In block letter ) _________________________________________________________________________________________


Address as shown in Trade Licence / IRC : ______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________


Mailing address : _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________


Telephone No(s) : Fax E-mail Website : : :

05. Name of the Proprietor/ Managing Director/Chairman/ManagingPartner/CEO :____________________________

________________________________________________________________________ 06. Name of the Bank (With full address ) : __________________________________________________________ 07. CCI&E’s Indenting Registration Certificate No. (IRC), if any : ________________________________________ 08. Items of Indenting : __________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 09. TIN Number: ____________________________________


Name(s), designation and signature of the representative(s) who will represent the firm:

1. 2.

Name :________________________________________________________________________ Name : ________________________________________________________________________

Specimen signature

Attested by the Applicant

I/We, declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my / our knowledge and belief. Yours faithfully,

Signature of the Applicant (With rubber stamp of the Firm) ____________________________________Official use only______________________________________________ Proposed by :___________________________________________________________________________ Address : ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Signature of the Proposer Rubber stamp of the BIAA member-firm:

Seconded by :___________________________________________________________________________ Address : ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Signature of the Proposer Rubber stamp of the BIAA member-firm:

Date : ___________________

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