Iraq Kuwait war

Topics: Iraq, Kuwait, Gulf War Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Political reasons for Iraq's war against Kuwait:

Saddam Hussein was the 5th president of Iraq. As such, his opinions become more than just conjectures but develop into political assertions. Thus, it can be said that his many "claims of madness" are Iraq's political statements.

Firstly, the Iraq-Kuwait dispute involved Iraqi political claims of Kuwait as Iraqi territory. Kuwait had been a part of the Ottoman Empire's province of Basra; something that Iraq claimed made it rightful Iraq territory; having been carved off as a result of British Imperialism Iraq did not recognise the independence of Kuwait in 1961, and views Kuwait as its 19th province.

Saddam Hussien believed that other countries, including the United States, Kuwait, Israel and other Arab countries were plotting against Iraq. Examples of this include economic sabotage by Kuwait raising its oil production, driving down oil prices. He also suspected the United States of conspiring with Kuwait to invade Iraq, as the US had conducted extensive military exercises with Kuwait.

Kuwait's rebellious nature of producing oil considerably above its mandatory OPEC quota prevented a further increase in crude oil prices, and the recovery of the war-torn economy of Iraq. Saddam saw this as a direct attack against him and his regime, and also a political threat.

Its ruling dynasty, the al-Sabah family, had concluded a protectorate agreement in 1899 that assigned responsibility for its foreign affairs to the United Kingdom. The UK drew the border between the two countries in 1922, making Iraq virtually landlocked. Furthermore, Kuwait rejected Iraqi attempts to secure further provisions in the region: Bubiyan and Warbah islands in the Persian Gulf were disputed for in 1973. This was seen as an attempt cut Iraq off from its water resource, and access to trade in the Gulf, causing further hostilities between the two countries.

The Iraqi government argued that the Kuwaiti Emir was a highly unpopular...
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