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Demagoguery is a powerful way for individuals to recruit people for power and personal gains. Two people who are perfect examples of that are Governor George Wallace and Islamic State (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. The “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever” speech by Governor George Wallace and the “A message to the Mujahidin and the Muslim Ummah” speech by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi are speeches both leaders use to recruit new people towards their cause, as well as motivate the followers they already have. Governor Wallace talks on a national level to Southern people who are for segregation. His main cause is to keep the Federal government from integrating black and white people together. Al-Baghdadi talks to all Muslims on an international level for fighting for the one true god in Allah. Baghdadi‘s main cause is to fight anyone and everyone who is interfering with ISIS. In these speeches, both leaders use Victimization so their groups see how much they have been oppressed and abused by the out-group. Apocalyptic, eschatological metanarrative is also used throughout both speeches to show their audiences that their opposition if fighting against them and what their god stands for. Victimization can be a powerful tool in demagoguery to show a group just how much damage has been done to them in the past. Governor Wallace does this well by reminding the Southerners of the after math from the Civil War. “Our people faced a desolate land of burned universities, destroyed crops and homes….” (Wallace 5). This strategy is effective in multiple ways. It reminds the south how they were treated by the federal government. He captures the southern peoples hate for the federal government because of how bad the south was oppressed and neglected during and after the Civil War. This strategy also gives the south a sense of pride. Reminding them that after all that was done to the south, it has survived to produce some of the “greatest fighting breed of man” (Wallace 6). As...

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